Blesser sues girl for having smelly punani

A Joburg blesser who found a se_xy woman to bless on a dating site is suing the woman for R200 000 after their first rendezvous went awry due to the woman emitting a foul stench from her cookie jar.

Blesser Nick, as he wants to be called, said he met Nicole on a dating site and the two immediately hit it off and would communicate via video calling platform Skype since Nicole was based in Cape Town. In his court papers, Nick said he spent over R200 000 on Nicole and was suing her for misrepresentation and giving false pretenses. “The accused, Nicole, lied to Nick about her physical body therefore we would like to charge her with fraud and request a return of all money spent on her”, read part of the court papers.

It is alleged that on the 11th of November 2016, Nick booked a business class flight for Nicole to come to Joburg for the weekend and he organised a limousine to fetch her from the airport. The two had a three course dinner in a top restaurant in one of Joburg’s exclusive suburbs before heading back to their five star hotel. At the hotel, Nick said he smelt a terrible smell and he could not continue with the love making thereafter.

“I almost fainted”, Nick said in court. “I asked her to take a bath but the smell was still there. I could not get my little man to rise to the occasion. I chased her away the next morning”

Nicole,in her defense said she does not know what he was talking about and offered to remove her pants so the judge could smell. An offer which was declined.

The judge dismissed the case and ordered the two to solve the matter in a civil manner.

Source : Africa Insider