Maid runs brothel while employer is at work

A maid who runs a twerking business while her bosses are at work has become famous in Midrand after one of her clients recorded and leaked the video. The maid, only known as Ausi Bee, is said to charge men R20 for a 5 minutes twerk show.

Men and boys are usually seen coming in and out of the residency during the day and it is only wen one man shot a video and leaked it online did the maid’s boss see the video on Facebook. “I recognised the bedding and saw her shaking her bum bum for a strange man in my bedroom”, the employer, who asked to remain anonymous said.

One of her frequent customer’s said the maid is very ‘professional’. “She does not allow you to touch her. You just pay and she does her thing. You can touch yourself if you want and she gives you wet wipes to clean yourself up after that.”

Some ladies in the neighborhood are said to be lobbying for the lady to be fired from her job because their husbands are spending most of their times there.

Ausi Bee’s employer however said she was going to talk to her. “She is an entrepreneur from what I see. She just needs proper venue and I think we can work something out. I am a single mother so I have no husband to lose”, she chuckled.

Source : LiveMonitor