Pastor finds his wife with her lesbian lover

A pastor with a good heart who took a desperate lady into their home had a heart attack after he walked in on his wife and the lady performing se_xual acts on each other with a cucumber.

Pastor Noel of Prophetic Sound and Deliverance Church in Pinetown Durban, is said to have felt pity for a lady who walked into their church one Sunday during service. The lady said she had run away from her husband who was abusive and was seeking help. The pastor and his wife decided to take the lady in while they looked for ways to rehabilitate her.

Approximately a month later, the pastor said the lady and his wife became very close but he did not worry about it at all. “I was happy they had gotten close. They would spend the whole day locked up in her room and laughing”. On the fateful day, the pastor left for work and when he got to work, realised he had forgotten his laptop at home so he went back home.

Upon arrival he walked straight to the bedroom and was met by the two women stark na_ked on his matrimonial bed performing wild lesbian se_x. The pastor was left speechless by what he had seen and he fainted. Doctor’s at Westville Hospital later confirmed that he had a mild heart attack.

After the incident, a neighbor said the pastor’s wife and her new lesbian lover moved out and never visited the pastor in hospital.

Source :  LiveMonitor