Wife revenges husband’s cheating way in most brutal way

The phrase ‘hell hath no fury like a scorned woman’ proved true for one couple’s marriage after the wife did a revenge tape with their dog.

This was after the husband impregnated the maid.

The Thebe’s, of Polokwane, marriage of 4 years crumbled when Mr Thebe was caught having an affair with their 20 year old maid.

When the affair was exposed, Mrs Tebe is said to have said nothing at all about it despite the overwhelming evidence that had been presented before her.

Instead, Mr Thebe shot a video with their dog Gucci eating her cookie jar and sent it to her husband with the title “Gucci does it better than you”.

The pain of seeing his wife being satisfied by a dog proved too much for Mr Thebe who is said to have attempted suicide in a bid to end his pain. He drank a poisonous liquid but was rescued before dying.

LiveMonitor spoke to Ms Thebe, who confirmed she made the revenge tape to prove that men are dogs.

“I enjoyed my session with Gucci. He ate me like no one has ever done”, she proclaimed.

Mr Thebe refused to talk to LiveMonitor

Source : LiveMonitor